Strategic Accords, Inc is a firm specializing in strategic influence and intervention at the executive level.  In essence, we aid our clients in developing and implementing strategies in order to create and capture value, minimize risk and manage conflict.

Based in the Dominican Republic and serving a broad range of local and foreign clientele, Strategic Accords has been bringing a wealth of international  experience coupled with sound academic research to clients since 2008.

No matter the size of the organization, its success or failure boils down to key people making key decisions at key moments. — Joseph Neurauter, Founder


We’re passionate about the art and science of influencing those key decisions.  We recognize that decisions are made not by corporate entities, but by people.  As such, a thorough understanding of psychology, tactics and strategy allows us to provide an almost insurmountable competitive advantage at the negotiation table, and a solid framework in which to constructively address and resolve conflict.

We help ensure that our clients have the necessary tools at their disposal to build better deals, manage and resolve conflict, and maximize value at and away from the negotiation table, all the while preserving valuable relationships.


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