Professional Solutions

Professional Services

Strategic Accords draws on proven methodologies and sound academic research grounded in years of broad-based real-world experience when helping clients meet their strategic, change management, negotiation or commercial relationship challenges. We leverage our international business management and cross cultural experience to ensure that our clients achieve measurable outcomes that meet all of their needs and objectives, while protecting, and where possible enhancing, valuable working relationships with their counterparts.

While we adapt a tailored approach to each client’s unique and fluid requirements our services generally fall into one of, or a combination of, the following areas of expertise:

  • Management Consulting — we help our clients work through either specific challenges or comprehensive turnarounds
  • Representation – we act as our client’s agent and negotiate on their behalf
  • Strategy & Preparation – we assist in the development and implementation of effective strategies for a upcoming negotiations
  • Conflict Resolution – we assist in the resolution of conflicts, within the organization or external, eliminating tension and improving the relationship with counterparts and stakeholders
  • Mediation –  we mediate toward mutual agreements in order to settle disputes
  • Meeting Facilitation – we chair high stakes or potentially contentious meetings
  • Crisis management – we prepare and implement strategies for rapid response to PR crises
  • Executive Training — sharing our knowledge and experience with key executives

Taken as a whole, our consulting services lead to increased productivity, improved morale,  more effective collaboration, reduced exposure to conflict and an increased bottom line.

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In order to evaluate our clients’ needs in certain circumstances we may offer an initial consult and evaluation and no additional cost.  For more information, we invite you to download our online brochures as well as to peruse our blog.  Should you have any questions, or to schedule an appointment, please visit our contact page.