Management Consulting


We’ve all heard the expression “Physician, heal thyself”, but never “Surgeon, operate on thyself”.  And yet every day organizations fall into the trap of attempting self-surgery on problems they’ve already proven less than fully able to address.  As often as not this leads to increased, rather than decreased, strife within the organization while failing to correct, address, or often even identify the core issues.

Strategic Accords has a proven track record of helping clients improve performance, manage change, develop strategies and address specific and general challenges.

We provide an outside, unbiased and experienced perspective, allowing us to work with stakeholders to identify key challenges and develop actionable strategies to achieve clear, measurable results.  As importantly, we place particular emphasis on stake-holder buy-in, knowing that developing a plan is relatively easy, while ensuring key players actively pursue that plan can many times be a challenge unto itself.

Working with a consulting firm is an investment in change, and as such isn’t just for huge multinationals.  The right firm will tailor and scale their services to the needs and capabilities of  your business.