Why Us?

Strategic Accords is built around one simple statement:

Focus on the needs of our clients, and meet them so thoroughly they can’t help but refer us. — Joseph Neurauter, Founder

This simple business model, a focus on client’s needs and long-term relationship-building, informs all of our client relationships and is built on five pillars:

Trust:  We believe trust is earned and once earned must be constantly maintained.  We insist on and maintain the strictest confidentiality in all our dealings with clients and remain focused at all times in providing such assistance and counsel is in the best interests of our clients, not our own bottom line.

Value:  We understand that our clients are results-oriented, and we deliver.  To this end, we carefully screen potential clients to ensure not only that we’re an appropriate match, but that we can deliver a significant, quantifiable return on investment.

Follow-up:  Our goal is not only to address the challenge at hand but to instill lasting improvements in performance.  We empower clients.  As such, rather than attempt to make ourselves indispensable, we provide the tools they need to secure improvements in the long-term on their own, while remaining available for follow-up as needed.

Humility:  While our expertise often places us in a unique position to be able to lead and inspire action, we never lose sight of the fact that our clients have their own sets of experience and expertise that are invaluable to their organizations and therefore to any intervention we may undertake.  We are a firm built on service, and to properly serve it’s essential to understand.

Learning:  Just as our clients must adapt to a changing environment, so must our practices adapt not only to our clients’ unique challenges, but also to changes and improvements in current practices and evolving methodologies.  We’re dedicated to keeping our skills sharp and up-to-date so as to provide our clients the competitive advantage they need.


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