Conflict Resolution

Conflict, both within an organization and in its dealings with the outside world, is inevitable.  More, it’s often beneficial, leading to innovation, joint problem solving, and a more efficient resource allocation.

Most of these conflicts are either addressed and resolved on some level on a daily basis or  work themselves out on their own without need of any sort of formal or informal intervention.

Yet in many cases, the individuals involved are unable to resolve or put aside differences on their own.  Over time, these unresolved issues often compromise morale, reduce efficiency and productivity, and damage valuable relationships.  A poorly managed, or ignored, conflict can negatively impact internal corporate culture and relationships with suppliers and clients, often leading to the loss of key personnel and accounts.

Forward-thinking organizations understand the cost in real terms of these conflicts and look to ways outside help can alleviate these situations, improving the bottom line.

Whether the conflict centers around disagreements in achieving consensus on setting priorities, conflicting departmental strategies, disputes as to the allocation of resources or a simple disharmony between key personalities, we can help parties come to an understanding and move forward with an improved relationship and understanding of shared goals and values.

Embroiled in a conflict or litigation?  Have you considered mediation?