Workshops and Seminars

Based on the principle that a advisor should also be an educator and that the surest measure of success for any consultant is a client who has grown beyond the need for a consultant, Strategic Accords offers a range of workshops aimed at improving participants’ specific abilities in all areas of corporate interaction and decision making.

Workshops should be more than lectures, and participants should come away not merely informed, but inspired.  Based on sound academic research and proven methodologies, coupled with our own real-world experience, our workshops are designed not only to impart valuable skills, but to challenge preconceptions and inspire changes in thinking and growth as professionals.  Our clients look to us not merely for the workshops themselves, but for the results they produce, both in their executives and on the bottom line.

While we offer a selection of workshops, we customize our presentations to the needs of our clients so as to address their particular requirements and maximize the impact on the participants.  We also offer in-house sessions in order to minimize our clients’ logistical and budgetary challenges.