Effective Negotiation Strategies

In our mediation role, we act as neutral third parties to facilitate and foster constructive dialogue leading to focused, productive negotiations between parties to a dispute.

Our mediation services are appropriate for most types of disputes, regardless of complexity or existing acrimony.  Whether the dispute is contractual in nature or involves grievances, issues of liability, or public sector concerns of resource allocation, we help establish a basis for coming to an understanding of core issues and foster the negotiation of appropriate and mutually beneficial terms of agreement.

It’s important to note that the mediation process is a voluntary one in that participants retain the authority to accept, reject or propose terms as well as to withdraw from the process at their discretion.  The process becomes binding only once all parties come to an agreement.  This allows participants to explore additional avenues of resolution while keeping all options open.

While sooner is almost invariably better than later, the mediation process can take place before or concurrent with litigation.  In fact, more and more modern organizations are turning to mediation in order to avoid and manage litigation, reduce risk, and preserve valuable relationships while freeing up time and resources to focus on their core business rather than  on protracted, contentious and expensive litigation.